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What's the Step Process in the Course?

Your Credit Scores is a key factor to having more financial options.  The step process below is what we have help many families go through when repairing their credit.  By following the steps that’s in our course you should see improvements on your credit!

Go through Education Series
Step 1
Obtain your credit
Step 2
Determine errors or what is incorrect
Step 3
Start the dispute process
Step 4
Wait up to 45 days for credit correction
Step 5
Evaluate updated credit report
Step 6
Proceed with additional corrections if neccessary
Step 7

Our Do it Yourself Programs!

Paid - Credit Freedom Video Series

This is our do it yourself credit repair video series.  Click below for full details on this course!

FREE Credit Education Series

Join our Free Credit Education Series to get know our teaching style and what type of value you will get in our paid course!

Credit Rebuilding Video Series

This course will help you build your credit.  You can see results as little as 2 weeks!  Click below for more details.

Happy Clients

Ben P.

I am own multiple businesses.  With business I also took a lot of risk.  I was making good money, but I still could not get a mortgage loan.  With the help of iSmart Credit I was able to purchase my home.


Thanks guys!

Mary N.


Catherine helped me out and was great! She was knowledgeable and it helps that she’s a little bulldog and didn’t put up with anything the creditors said. She picked my credit score up that I was able to get a Lexus all by myself with no co-signer. 

Di L.

After many years of tearing up every mail I get I finally reached out to iSmart Credit with little hope I might add. Now here is where I will list the things i recommend about iSmart Credit knowledgeable, informative, understanding, caring, and a few more ing words. First they gave me the knowledge on steps I need to take to get back on track. After getting my score a bit higher they inform me of my limits. In the end the best thing is that they are caring as in will randomly check in on you to make sure you stay on the right path. Thanks iSmart Credit.

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45 day Guarantee

Your Credit Freedom Course comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

To qualify for our money-back guarantee, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

You have logged into your Members Area and completed the course in its entirety (verified within our system)

Completed the 1st Month (step 1) module & show proof of certified mail receipt or online confirmation number.

Sent all certified letters in 1st Month (step 2) and 2nd Month (step 1) to a credit bureau, creditor, or debt collection agency, requesting an erroneous item to be removed or updated. You will only need your certified mail receipt to prove this. We do not need to see your letter(s).

If you are not able to remove any negative tradelines or personal information in the 45 days; we will either provide you with additional support (through a support ticket), a resolution or a full refund.  You must complete all the steps above to qualify for a refund.  There will be no exceptions.

However, you must complete the steps provided in the course.  Our membership course tracks your progress to ensure you have completed each module and follow the process provided.  You must complete all of the modules up to Round 2 of disputing.  A refund will not be issued due to the lack of not taking action or implementing the steps in this course.

We are a big believer in good Karma and only wish you the best.  We want to make a positive impact on your life. We look forward to educating and helping you with getting your credit back on track.